Blog update

My last blog was created quite a while ago; it’s time to catch up.
The project did continue through the August – December 2013 period. The original idea, encouraging students with disabilities to use their mobile devices in the class room for learning, did not have the expected outcome. At times the process was very frustrating.
Preparing and presenting information to students with disabilities in the form of workshops, lectures and social settings was challenging, and here we had the addional criteria of using mobile technology i.e. the tablet.
The first use of the mobile techonlogy was to present information to students with disabilities at their initial DIT orientation. The orientation lasted two days, on the second day three workshops were delivered twice (back to back), writing, groups and note taking. My workshop was on ‘note taking’, the delivery methods were – lecture, handouts (paper), webcourses, video and instant use of the website via the students own mobile technology e.g. tablet/lap top. There were also several activities for the students to practice the skills being discussed.
An evaluation of the workshops was very positive on content. However, out of the 70 students who attended only 2 used their mobile technology. Students had been encouraged to use their own technology, but did not. Reasons sighted in the evaluation suggested that they were ‘wary’ about using their own devices.
This was very frustrating for me. A considerable amount of preparation went into the development of the workshop, arrranging adequate internett cover, etc. The workshop ’ticked’ all the boxes for; (i) the various disabilities, (ii) universal design, (iii) teaching criteria (blooms taxonomy), and (iv) the Disabiilty Support Service hand book. Yet, the students did not appear to have a preference, or engage with mobile technology. Curious and more curious….
More to come.


2nd entry to my blogg

Hi All, It took a couple of tries and a call to Claudia to get back to this page but I managed it eventually. Under Claudia’s guidance I have now put the address in my favourites (and hopefully it will be).

While awaiting the arrival of the Tablet, I am preparing a workshop for the Disabltiy Support Service student orientation which takes place on the 5th & 6th September. The workshop on note-taking will include; student participation- online (real time, asking short questions as the workshop proceeds ensuring understanding, may use clickers as well), physically identifying concepts and theories on white boards, working in groups provide summaries of the notes. Students will be provided with handouts and online material. The online material to be used in their own time with examples. The workshop will be run twice back to back.

The use of the Tablet will allow some freedom and security as the oreintation will take place across three campuses.

So far so good. Be back next week. Regards Sylvia

Mobile learning – the beginning!

Hi, Blogging is my first toe in the water for social chatter, I am a complete novice to Facebook, twitter etc.,(never used them). I much prefer the safe environs of the email, phone and text. Therefore putting my initial experience of mobile learning out there for all to judge is a bit daunting! So please be patient with me while I get to grips with blogging, ‘set up’ terminology and creating comments.
The beginning – I have decided to engage with the mobile learning pilot to help me support students who are registered with the Disability Support Service. I hope to do this on two fronts. (i) To deliver, in a two-way, interactive manner, workshop material to students (ii) to support Students develop social skills, (at an after college club) by examining, using and discussing Apps they have come across.
My understanding of mobile learning is that a person has the use of technology in all situations, on the bus, in the house, class, street, social venues etc. It’s great when you are at the ‘table quiz’ and look up the answers (never!).
I come from an environment which continuously explores alternate ways to support students to learn therefore the concept of using this facility to encourage learning is exciting. What I want to explore is how to engage students in ‘real time’ learning in the classroom, to take away the passive intake of information and develop strategies which will encourage metacognition, not just remember (rote learn) but understand, apply, analyse and create independently.
I propose to use the Galaxy Android tablet during the next six months, as the tablet is open to more apps than the Ipad. I received a small grant to purchase Galaxy Tablets for the Apps club, therefore makes sense to use the same for the pilot scheme.
I look forward to working on the project and hearing from our fellow bloggers. Best wishes Sylvia
(p.s is there an etiquette for blogging?)